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How We Can Help Transition Your Culture
Disruption Causing Uncertainty in Your Organization?
Need To Change, "How we do things around here"?
How We Can Help Transition Your Culture
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Navigating Complex Work Systems?
Numbers Slipping?
Team Not Working Well?
Managing Disruptions and Transitions?
Need to Make a Culture Shift ?
Need to Change, "How We Do Things Around Here"
Need to Change, But Not Sure How?
Get Unstuck and Thrive!
Through Consulting You Can Experience...
  • Empowerment to Lead and solve problems. You are the hero; we are the guide.
  • Evaluation of the Organization's Current and Preferred Culture
  • Guidance in moving into a preferred culture that changes “How we do things around here” at a values level and behavioral level.
  • Facilitation through complex challenges, roadblocks and opportunities.
  • Acceleration due to the development of New Skills, Solutions or Systems.
  • Tranformational Leadership through Executive Coaching of Key Leaders.
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Deb Prieto, Experienced Executive Leader and Coach

Certificate in Organization Development From NTL in Washington D.C.
ICF Certified Coach
25 Years Plus Experience in: Tough Turn-A-rounds, & Entrepreneurial Adventures
Be Bold
Be Brave
  • What if You Asked Different Questions?
  • What if You Made Leveraged Changes?
  • What if You Moved the Organization Forward?
  • What Could that Look and Feel Like?
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How Much Pain Will You Need To Be in Before You Ask For Help?
Be Empowered to Lead and Thrive
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It's As Easy As...

Be Heard
We want to get to know you and become aligned with your challenges and opportunities
Be Empowered
We guide you through a process of powerful questions, reflection and create change management plans.
An Organization That Thrives

Deb Prieto has shared her insights and wisdom with educators at conferences and training, on topics from critical conversations and staffing issues, to fundraising, and change management, with expertise and practical suggestions that were readily implementable on the organizational level.

Deb has a joyful spirit and enthusiasm for marketing and rebranding your organization with an eye to the unique mission and culture God has designed for you.  Her consultation, research, and experience has helped organizations redefine their mission and grow beyond initial expectations.

With a listening heart, she has sought to tailor her training to the specific needs of the audience, which has increased the relevance and endeared her to the participants.  It was always a pleasure to have Deb with us at our events.
Suzie Mohler, Ed.D.
Senior Coordinator, Western Division, ACSI