The Key to Creating Lasting Change
Culture WILL Eat Strategy For Breakfast.

Don't Let It Eat Yours!

Making a Cultural Pivot
What Most Consultants Miss

Many attempts at change fail in part because “culture eats strategy for breakfast.”

When we make chages "on the top of the iceberg," in terms of programs, worship, strategies, etc. those changes or experiments can:

  • fail,
  • struggle, or
  • "snap back"

because we did not pay attention to the values and beliefs "beneath the iceberg." Those values and beliefs "below the iceberg" create the organization's culture. Your culture determines norms for, "How we do things around here."

We help organizations become aware of and transition their internal culture, the values and beliefs below the water line that inform, “how we do things around here,” to ensure transformational success.

We help you make a CULTURAL PIVOT before leading change so that your, "culture does not eat YOUR strategy for breakfast!"

One Way To Look at Your Organization's Culture
Is through these 4 lenses:
  • Below are four lenses on which to reflect, in terms of culture in organizations.
  • There is not a "right" or "wrong" culture strength. The "right" cultural strengths for your organization are the ones that help it to be a healthy and thriving organization.
1. Need More of a Creative and Innovative Culture?
We Can Help.
  • More innovation?
  • Greater risk taking?
  • Thoughtful experimentation?
  • Learning from mistakes?
  • Ability to handle discontinuity and change?
2. Need More Of A Collaborative Culture?
We Can Help.
  • Strong teams
  • Empowerment
  • Cohesion
  • Engagement
  • People focus
  • Human develeopment
  • Long-lasting partnerships and relationships
3. Need More Of A Focused Culture?
We Can Help.
  • Focus on doing things right
  • Attention to details
  • Precise analysis
  • Increased consistency and reliability
  • Better processes, efficiency and routines
4. Need More of A Market/Outreach Culture?
We Can Help
  • Fast change
  • Competition focus
  • Play-to-win attitude
  • Getting things done
  • Making fast decisions
  • Delivering results
  • Solving problems
Don't Let Culture Eat YOUR Strategies For Breakfast