Are You Stuck Professionally?

Are You Frustrated or Tired Trying to Lead?

Are You Ready To Take On That Next Mountain?

Sensing you have blind spots and leaderships gaps?
Tired? Need better time management and work/life balance?
Experiencing blocks to your personal success as a leader?
Stressed in relationships you are trying to manage?
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Not meeting your goals?
Ready to take on a new opportunity or challenge?
Don't Be Held Back. You Were Made for So Much More!
You Were Created to Lead and Thrive!
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Life is Too Short to Do It Alone...
You Were Created For So Much More!
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Through Coaching You Can Experience:
  • A Safe Confidential Place to Reflect
  • Awareness of Limiting Beliefs
  • New Skills to Tackle Challenges and Opportunities
  • Aligned Passions, Stengths, and Goals
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Confidence to Move Forward Bodly
  • Stronger Relationships
  • A Deeper Faith
We Know What It's Like...

We Have Been There

  • We are passionate about people.
  • We are passionate about YOU.
  • We are passionate about helping YOU lead and thrive 

Deb Prieto, Experienced Leader and Executive Coach

ICF Certified Coach
Certificate in Organization Development From NTL in Washington D.C.
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M. Div. and Over 20 Years Experience in Christian Spiritual Formation
25 Years Plus Experience in: Tough Turn-A-rounds, & Entrepreneurial Adventures
What Makes Us Unique



Our Organizational Development Background and Experience.

It allows us to look through many lenses, beyond those of the average coach bringing greater insight and value.

Examples of Challenges We Can Help YOU Work Through:
  • Efficiency, Productivity, and Organization
  • Dealing with complex systemic and relational situations-managing up, down and laterally
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Discerning Organization Culture Issues
  • Strategies to Manage Time and Priorities   
  • Handling Conflict and Critical Conversations
  • Making Difficult Decisions
  • Developing Institutional Savvy
  • Increasing Motivation in Yourself and Others
  • Fill in Your Identified Leadership Gaps
  • Moving from "Managing" to "Coaching" Staff and Volunteers
  • Leading Change
  • Career Transition
  • Slowing Down Your Life and Soul
  • Achieving Goals
  • Managing Stress
  • Experiencing Fulfillment
  • And So Much More...


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Be Bold...
Be Brave...
  • What if You Asked Different Questions?
  • What if You Reimagined your Life?
  • What if You LIved the Life You Were Made For?
  • What Could that Look and Feel Like?
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How Much Pain Will You Need To Be in Before You Ask For Help?
Be Empowered To Lead and Thrive!

...Deb’s coaching supported my growth as a leader at an important reflection point in my career. My organization was undergoing substantial change (structure, strategic planning, financial shifts) which opened the door for me to do some important reflection and prioritization. She provided me guidance, literature, tools and activities to focus my energy and time on my near and long-term professional development and career path. She is very candid, often helping me dig deep and figure out what was really going on and blocking me from taking the next step in multiple areas- embracing change, leading in ambiguous times, building social capital and influence, strategic partnerships for the work but also for my own development, building a vision for my team and managing up.--Tara Ficek, First 5 LA

Get Unstuck
Be Empowered to Lead and Thrive!
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My time spent with Deb has been one of the most valuable experiences of my professional career. I really appreciate your direct and clear way of communicating. I aspire to continue on working on all the goals we developed together.  -Jessica M.